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Rewa River, Guyana

Search, Retrieval & Recovery Expeditions

Professionally our experience started as part of an Army Special Forces Search & Rescue Team operating in Brazil and Venezuela. After leaving the army our team transited fluidly into search and salvage retrieval missions for businesses who lost their property in isolated places in the vast Amazon Rainforest and other locations. We have undertaken successful salvage retrieval missions; for example for Google X in areas controlled by drug traffickers, indigenous lands, disputed border regions,  undiscovered frontiers and crocodilian infested swamps. Our salvage retrieval expeditions are highly successful. We recover Satellites (LEO), High Altitude Balloons (HAB's), Weather Balloons, Small aircrafts, drones, boats and other equipment.


We make sure to to acquire all the required paperwork and permissions before retrieving your equipment.. For example to be able to travel into protected Land.

Quick Retrieval

To salvage your equipment we make use of all sort of transportations including helicopters, 4x4, Horses, airplanes and boats. Further we are expert Tree climbers, divers, rappel masters to descent from helicopters, etc.

Expert Tracking

Due to our Survival courses, military experience and indigenous backgrounds we are very successful to recover your property even from the seemingly most impossible areas. We have extensive experience with locating exact coordinates with GPS Systems and the old fashioned Compass.

Our Team

We are a bunch adventures who are very easy to work with. Working with military precision we are Punctual, discreet, organized and will be in constant contact with your organization 

Contact us fore more information or to request a quote regarding our recovery & Salvage services.

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