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Tv Production expeditions Brazil & Guyana.


We Offer In-Country TV Production Solutions For the Most Adventurous Destinations

We have experience as Fixers for TV productions in the Rainforests, Wetlands, River systems, Mountains and Savannahs of Brazil, Guyana and other Locations. 

Our Team can get you in to excellent hard to get to wildlife, nature and Adventure filming locations in Brazil and Guyana. When Venturing deeper into the frontier areas of Brazil and Guyana you will be amazed of the incredible production material you can shoot!

We have experience from working with big name TV Shows to smaller scale projects working with famous Youtubers.

Permits & Permissions

We will make sure to get all the permits and permissions needed for your Production. Both Formal written permits and licenses as well as general permissions from local communities.

Logistics & Casting

We are there to help with your the logistics, local casting and other arrangements preproduction, during and postproduction. We have access to Aircrafts, Helicopters, Boats, horses, 4x4 and are also excellent divers and climbers.

Locations & Locals

We excel in scouting and finding the best locations for your production no matter how wild and Isolated. Further we make sure everything is done ethical with local people, nature and wildlife kept in mind at all times. Check out more info about our premiere filming locations:

Health & Safety

While we love adventures  and living on the wild side:  We do believe safety of your team and the local population comes first. We take an extensive care of safety and health which includes Med kits, GPS systems, Satellite phones medics, proper transportation and evacuation plans

Contact us

We are looking forward to discuss your future TV productions or brainstorm ideas and discuss what we can do for you!

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