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Jungle Survival Brazil
3 - 7 Days

Dates: Year round
Group size: Private trip (1 or more)

1 person 575 US$ per day 

2 Persons 475 US$ per person per day 

3 Persons 400 US$ per person per day 

4 Persons 350 US$ per person per day

* pricing for bigger groups available on request

Our jungle survivals in Brazil have been successfully run several hours west of Manaus for over 20 years. As the first true jungle survival experience we take you in to wild lands of the immense Amazon rainforest. Join our team of ex-military special forces and indigenous warriors to experience the adventure of a life time! After we pick you up from your hotel we will transfer you by boat to our base in the jungle 2 hours west of Manaus by speedboat.

We will sleep the first 2 nights at the base getting acclimatized to the jungle before heading deeper in to the jungle sleeping on under the rainforest canopy waking up to the roars of howler monkeys. To finish it all off you will be trialed during our famous isolation phase where it is you against the green hell! Can you cope?

Itinerary Summary

We cover all the basics of Jungle survival including fire, shelter, water and food with a many more advance skills including navigation, trapping, health & safety, Psychology,  river crossing, isolation phase, hunting, bow and arrow a fishing. Below you will find a summary of the itinerary. 

Contact us to receive the full itinerary and kit list. 

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Arrive in Brazil

Fly to Manaus where we will pick you up from the airport or from your hotel before heading in the jungle. We will bring you to our boatlanding.

Survive the Isolation

We will go deeper in to the jungle and sleep under the rainforest canopy in hammocks. For the next 5 days you will train and put in to practice all the survival skills that we will teach you and at the end you will get tested in our 24 hour isolation phase

Speedboat to Jaguar Base

From the boatlanding in Manaus we will travel for 2 hours west until we meet Jaguar base where we will hammock up right at the rivers edge and start learning the first survival skills before heading deeper in to the jungle.


Training Phase

The first few days we will focus on the basics while still have access to simple buildings and facilities. We will also learn about survival psychology, dangers and the local wildlife.

Day 1 - 2

Expedition Phase

After we have gotten a bit more accustomed to the surroundings we will move deeper in to the jungle. We will set up our camp and learn about building shelters, navigation, fishing and more.

Day 3 - 6

Isolation Phase

 For 24 hours you will go in isolation with just a few items to you disposal including your trusty machete. Do you have what it takes? Will you be able to find water, build your shelter and keep your fire going? Will you be able to find and gather your own food and get a routine going? Come join us and find out!

Day 7

Evacuation and departure

Some time during the morning our team will come rescue you! We will make our way back to the base for lunch sharing many stories. 

Day 8

Inquire to book 

Thank you for your Inquiry!

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