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About Us and Our Team

Who We Are

We are a team of Wilderness Warriors with a great love for Wildlife and the Great outdoors!

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Founder & CEO

Patrick started traveling around the world at a young age always looking for the next adventure. In 2003 Patrick started training in jungle survival and expeditions skills under Lt. Jeffson who just had retired from the Brazilian army. Jeffson took Patrick under his very experienced wings and started a friendship that has lasted both personally and professionally.  Patrick moved in 2007 to Vancouver Canada as part of his study but also to be closer to nature and adventure. There he started working with an international exchange organization arranging variation of different trips.
No longer wanting to focus his attention on just Canada and yearning to travel more he started his own company in 2010. Initially focusing mainly on wildlife, nature and indigenous volunteering programs he soon started to also arrange professional expeditions and survival experiences. Wanting to focus more on South America he moved in 2015 to the country of Guyana one of the last unspoiled gems in this world. There he set up an office in the Dusty cowboy town of Lethem at the border of Guyana and Brazil. He is an avid outdoorsmen always looking for the next adventure with a great love for wildlife. Having a great admiration for indigenous peoples he is always looking to help their cause to preserve their way of life. 


Team Leader

Lt. Jeffson started his career in the Army back in 1993. The first four years of his career he spent in the frontier of the remote jungles of the Brazilian, Guyanese and Venezuelan border. Following these 4 years Lt. Araujo did not leave the frontier and lived for 1.5 year with the Yanomamis Amerindian Tribe who trained him in millennia’s old jungle survival skills and knowledge. After having learned all there is to know about the art of jungle survival, he was put in charge of a special forces search and rescue team. After his time in the Army Jeffson took the position as a prison warden director for 3 years. Missing the rainforest and the outdoors Jeffson left his job and started organizing jungle survivals and expeditions which he still does to this day leading a group of extremely skilled like-minded individuals. 



Production & Logistics manager

Anders originally Denmark moved to Lethem on the Guyana and Brazil border years ago and has lots of experience fixing tv productions working together with shows like Heroes of the Wild, Parkers Trails 2, Naked and Afraid, etc. He is a very experienced expedition leader, survival course leader and is essential as a logistics and safety planner. 


Expedition Leader, Navigation Expert

Osaike was a corporal in the Brazilian army serving under Jeffson. He is a very colorful and wild personality with extensive survival and outdoor experience. Osaike has won several navigation competitions in the Brazilian Army with nothing more then an old school compass! He is the most senior member of our team and often leads our expeditions.




Ayla is our main Guyana and Brazil Coordinator. She is essential for making arrangements but is also not afraid to get her hands dirty. Daughter of the Famous Tommy Kenyon she is a cowgirl by heart and has taken part in many Rodeo’s. She is 3 parts Indigenous of the Makushi Tribe and 1 part Scottish! Ayla has also had experience working with productions like Naked and afraid and Gold Rush.


Our Team exists out of many dozens of soldiers, Indigenous people and cowboys which we can unfortunately not all list here. They are the backbone of our organization. 

Brazilian soldiers are in generally forced in retirement around the age of 32 without any sort of pension or help. Many of these men who used to spent most of their days in the rainforest have a hard time adjusting back to city life and finding any sort of sustainable income. Many end up jobless and homeless or working in factories where they get depressed. Or even worse… they end up working for drug cartels with Manaus being an important part of the Drug trafficking route. We have made it our mission to hire these soldiers and provide jobs where they can still spend the majority of their time in the rainforest doing what they love and do best: Survive! Further we also hire many indigenous people who have an immense knowledge of the rainforest and its wildlife and who are incredible assets in our jungle survival trips and expeditions. 

Expedition Forces
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